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Your job and compensation depend on you using Xoomia daily. The documents are government documents. It's required by law that you complete these documents on a daily basis. There are 5 things you must do daily, in Xoomia, as a Direct Care Professional:

  1. Clock In & Out (daily)

  2. Document Shift Notes (daily)

  3. Document Outcomes (daily)

  4. Document Services & Supports (daily)

  5. Record any incidences i.e. UIR / MUI ( As Needed)

  6. Read & Sign the ISP (Before you work with the person or when updated)

Note: Do not use Xoomia with a Yahoo email address. Please create a Gmail account.

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How to Clock In Out

Recording Service/Supports

Recording Incidents UIR MUI

Daily Must-Do Xoomia Tasks

How to Record Shift Notes

How to Record Outcomes

How to Read & Sign ISP

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