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Covid Vaccine Details

The Summit County Health Department has scheduled 3 vaccine clinic days for individuals living in congregate settings and the staff that support them. We are scheduling providers based on size so Echoing Hills can attend either of the below dates. Please read all of the information below and let me know if you have any questions. I realize this is short notice, but these are the dates the health department has provided. At this time no other vaccine distribution dates have been identified.


Vaccine Clinic days- Wednesday January 6th  or Thursday January 7th (1pm-4pm)

The vaccine that will be administered is the Moderna Vaccine

Vaccination will occur at the Summit County Public Health Building 1867 W. Market St. Akron OH

The dose will be administered by an RN and everyone can stay in the vehicle. To help keep the process moving upon arrival staff and individuals should not have any clothing covering the side arm that is nearest to the window or door.

All staff and person served must pre-register using the below link. Attached is a QR code that can be used on a mobile device to complete the pre-registration form. Example of the pre-registration form is attached as well.

No one will be able to receive the vaccine unless they are registered


On the pre-registration form staff/person served should answer question 13 as follows-

Staff should select State of Ohio Dept. Of Dev Disabilities (DODD)- Staff

People served should select State of Ohio Dept. Of Dev Disabilities (DODD)- resident


Completing the preregistration form is consent for the Summit County Health Department to administer the vaccine. No paper consent needs to be provided to the Health Dept.


Upon arrival everyone will be asked symptom monitoring questions. No one with COVID-19 symptoms or who is currently under quarantine because of a positive test or exposure can receive the vaccine.

Staff should bring a photo I.D. If person served have a photo I.D. they should bring that as well. If they do not, staff can identify who they are and their address.

After symptom monitoring is complete- the vaccine will be administered and the vehicle will be asked to move to an area to wait 15 minutes to ensure no side effects

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